Student Tutoring Help

2tor Online provides students with open access to Acellus® courses.  

After signing in, your student will see a list of the courses you have selected.  When they select a course, they will see a list of video lessons in the course.

Students can see their progress in each class from the student interface.  Students can work wherever they have the Acellus app and Internet connectivity.

Student Interface

Student Dashboard
Each student is provided with a user name and password. From the dashboard, the student may select a class to work in.
Tutoring Lesson List
Within each class, students will be presented with a list of video lessons within the course.  Students can jump to any video lesson in course to get help with a particular concept. 
Video-Based Lessons

The video lessons are taught by teachers who are experts in their fields. This video-based instruction allows students to learn independently, which can greatly leverage the time of a parent.

Extra Help Videos and Resources
For students who did not grasp the concept after watching the initial video lesson, additional videos the Lesson Manual are also available through the Help tab.

Parents may specify weekly goals to help students stay on-pace with completing each course. Students may review their progress toward meeting these goals within the student interface.